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Master the Art of Landscape Illumination

Fall 2024 IC

- November 7 to 12, 2024 - 

Postoak Lodge & Retreat

Tulsa, Oklahoma


The Intensive Course Experience 6:50 min.

This 5 day/5 evening class, created in the 1990's by internationally acclaimed lighting designer Janet Lennox Moyer, is instructed by a dedicated team of experienced professional lighting designers, installers, electricians, and pruning experts (Mentors).  Our high Mentor (16+) to Attendee (27 maximum) ratio was created to maximize the learning experience.  The high ratio encourages course participants to be able to collaborate on the designs, see different design perspectives, and interact with the Mentors and other Attendees to form a cohesive design.

Our Mentors will guide you through a series of  lecture presentations, several manufacturers' demonstrations, and over 24 hours of intensive hands-on field work; interactive lectures begin daily at 8:00 AM and field work continues until 10:00 PM.  Our large collection of state-of-the-art lighting equipment represents most major landscape lighting manufacturers and is the largest and most extensive in the world; it allows you the flexibility and freedom to field test a wide array of equipment to explore landscape lighting.

Your learning experience is centered on landscape lighting design.  You will work in three teams of 9 Attendees to design, create, and install a temporary landscape lighting 'mock-up'.  Each group is under the instruction of a dedicated Mentor team of 3 landscape lighting professionals.  Additional specialist Mentors are available to assist the teams.  On the final evening, you and your team will present your project to our Host, all Mentors, fellow Attendees, and an invited public audience (generally about 100 visitors).

Upon completion of the Intensive Course you will have the knowledge and skills to conceptualize designs, document plans, and specify beautiful landscape lighting projects.  You will take with you the technical skills of design graphics and documentation, low-voltage lighting system installation, and the proper maintenance procedures to insure the longevity and beauty of your clients' landscape lighting systems.

Reveal Night

IC Attendees share their work from the classes' 4 days of hard work with the community.  Each Attendee will be encouraged to speak briefly about their group's design with the guests.  Attendees who would like to practice photography, this evening presents the perfect opportunity.




For more detailed information on what you will be doing each day, please download the pdf of a typical Intensive Course Schedule.

The Intensive Course qualifies for 32 Continuing Education Credits

The Spring 2024 IC Tuition package includes the following:

  • Lectures and demonstrations
  • Mentoring by (16+) dedicated landscape lighting professionals and designers
  • Use of the largest collection of landscape lighting mock-up equipment in the world
  • All meals, snacks, and drinks (non-alcoholic)
  • Hotel accommodations & transportation shuttle from Dallas Fort Worth (DFW)
  • One year membership in ILLI (Note: If you are already an ILLI member your membership renewal will be extended 12 months)

Note:  Not included in the course fees are your airfare, origination airport parking, Uber/taxi fees, travel incidentals, or hotel during the IC.

Recommended Reading

Prior to arriving at the Intensive Course, we also recommend you purchase and read the 3rd Edition of The Landscape Lighting Book, by Janet Lennox Moyer (bring this book with you to the IC).

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