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Designer Spotlight

- 9/2022 - 

Matt Nicol

Matt was an attendee at the Spring 2022 Intensive Course at Camp Waldemar in Hunt, Texas; and also was on the Fall 2022 Mentor team in New Harmony, Indiana.

This particular project started with a potential customer who was unhappy with their existing landscape lighting. The customer had a beautiful property featuring a decorative pond with a stream and cascading waterfalls, surrounded by mature plantings. The water feature was situated in the middle of the landscape and in direct view of the kitchen window.  Matt wanted to make an impression on his new client by not only making the lighting better than before but also by making the water feature a spectacular focal point.  It certainly worked because, when completed, the first words out of the client's mouth were, 

"That's the best it's ever looked!"

The two main focal points for Matt's design were the bronze heron statue wading on the large waterfall and the spectacular Acer Palmatum, a Japanese Maple, adjacent to the pond. Matt was able to bring this tree into the composition through the use of carefully placed ring mount fixtures, allowing the design to tie this amazing Maple to the water feature and the ground with different techniques.  He wanted to make the heron a subtle focal point while still allowing the eye to focus beyond it and enjoy the additional small waterfalls as the stream appears to softly fade to infinity.  The end effect creates a gorgeous nighttime scene that draws the viewer into the garden.

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